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Graphic Design Trainee assignment 

From this landing page you are able to find a brochure design and a short video made by Laura Peltonen.  

Brochure layout design

Virta charges a positive change

This roll fold brochure was designed with the help of Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. 

Details about the brochure: 

3 page roll fold (2 sided)

Paze size is 20x20cm

Text from the assignment

Photos from Virta-website

mokappi 1 jpeg.jpg


the full brochure file

Video design & edit


part of

the ecosystem

This video was created with the help of After Effects. As there were no Virta-videos available to use, I took the liberty to find a few suitable video clips. 

Details about the video: 

Video clips from Pixabay

Music from Bensound

+ Text content from assignment

Voice-over recorded with laptop

Laura Peltonen

tel. 358 440 766 026

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