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I have been an Account Manager and Social Media Analyst in Sponsor Insight since March 2014. The CEO of the company had met me several times through my work in Sponsorointi & Tapahtumamarkkinointi association. When he found out about my decision to leave my position in Malja, he asked me to join Sponsor Insight. 




Sponsor Insight is the largest research company in the Nordics focusing solely on sponsorship and event research. The company has a very strong position in the field of sports and culture marketing. The company employs approximately 30 professionals and has over 500 customers. By connecting the knowledge of the Nordic companies and by investing in joint product development, Sponsor Insight can produce international knowledge for the needs of the customers. 


If you want to learn more about the company please check out the website:




In Sponsor Insight I have been responsible for managing customer relationships and customer acquisition. I have gathered a lot of experience of B2B sales and marketing research consultancy. When I began in my position I had no previous experience of working in a research company or expertise about sponsorship. After almost six years I have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience from the field and I have even developed monitoring tools for sponsorship marketing.


In addition to the CRM, I am the lead developer of social media monitoring tool, which is specially designed for sponsors and rights-holders. I analyse and consult our clients about social media marketing and social media engagement based on their data. Two of my biggest clients were the Finnish National Ice Hockey League and Veikkausliiga with all of their teams. You can find one example of my social media projects from the left side of this page under "social media monitoring". 


In the position of Account Manager I have gathered a lot of experience from:

  • B2B Sales

  • CRM

  • Marketing Research

  • Sponsorships & Event Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Social Media Consulting

  • Website design and maintenance

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