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I have been the lead developer of social media monitoring and consulting in Sponsor Insight Finland. Social Media Monitoring tool was developed for Sponsors and Right-holders to enable monitoring, evaluating and developing sponsorship activations on social media.


Social Media Monitoring offers analytics of all social media platforms in one report. It enables comparisons between platforms and contents. Also, it helps to find correlations between social media activations and website traffic.


The development of Social Media Monitoring has been the most challenging and rewarding project during my career. 3 years after the development, we already have over 60 customers who continue to use the tool systematically. In addition to providing comprehensive reports to our clients, I advise our clients on how to create engaging content for their specific target audiences. I have been visiting several marketing seminars as one of the speakers and my main topic is always "How to engage your audience and get results?". 


I have learned a lot about social media analytics and been able to consult our clients on how they could develop their social media marketing and communication. A few Finnish newspapers have also requested my comments regarding social media and sponsorship. 


If you are interested to see some of my statements about current social media influencers in social media please check out the following articles: 

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Teemu Selänne on Suomen urheilijoiden Instagram-kuningas – ”Enni Rukajärvi on tosi kova somessa”

HS selvitti: Enni Rukajärvi aivan kärkeä somen seura­tuim­missa urheilijoissa – yksi nainen kiilaa edelle

Kaksi savolaisurheilijaa ylitse muiden sosiaalisessa mediassa


The designing process of the sponsored content should always start by analysing the target audience and finding a way to provide them value."



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