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In Malja BTL Oy I started as a marketing intern and after 3 months of working I was hired to the company full time. My position in the company was an event coordinator and CEO's assistant from January 2013 until February 2014.




Malja was a creative brand activation agency that produces compelling content, which meets the clients’ needs. Malja's professionals handle budgeted and builded productions – from idea and concept generation to implementation. Malja focused on understanding target groups, setting targets, quality controlling – from the very beginning of the project to after-care. 




In Malja I had the opportunity to work as a coordinator and CEO's assistant. In one year I gained  experience of designing and implementing brand activations, mostly events, for B2B and B2C brands. Every project was a unique event with different kind of target audience and marketing objectives. The job required the ability to be creative between limits of the client’s brand. In addition to the event organizing, the job required an ability to convince the clients and sell ideas. 


Event marketing required the ability to endure stressful situations and to be able to solve problems in real time. My strengths in this position were the ability to focus on details and at the same time to be very fast and careful. Being one step ahead is a huge strength in all types marketing.


In addition to the tasks of coordinator, I worked as a CEO's assistant. In this position, I helped Miikka Vahtera, the CEO, in administrative tasks and for example managed the suppliers relationships. It is difficult to explain or even list all the skills I learned during my time in Malja. Here are some of the skills I obtained:


  • Designing Events

  • Organizing B2B & B2C Events

  • Conducting Event Research

  • Promoter management

  • Administrative Tasks

  • Supplier Management

  • Budgeting

  • CRM

You are able to download a letter of recommendation from Malja under the "recommendation" -button.





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