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Magazine Design

Create and design a Finnish visual arts magazine. The designing process included the visual design aspects (logo, colors, typography, layout design etc.) as well as the actual content of the magazine (texts, photos, illustrations and advertisements).

In addition to the print magazine, create a digital version for mobile device users. 

The process started with designing the structure and content of the magazine. Next step was to gather the images for the publication. Luova - the digital mobile version was created based on the print magazine. 


Luova is a magazine created especially for visual artists and visual art lovers. It has information about the latest art exhibitions, most trendy art techniques and current phenomenons in the art scene.

Luova's visual design combines classically structured magazine layout design as well as artsy minimalist compositions. In the layout it was important that the images have enough space to stand out.  

Glance through the pages of the print magazine in this slide deck gallery. 

luova mock up 15.jpg

Would you like to visit the digital mobile version of Luova? 

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