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Kuva: SJTM ry


I was the first association representative of Sponsorointi & Tapahtumamarkkinointi association and I had the honour to handle registration of the association to the Finnish association registry. I worked in the position of the representative from September 2013 until September 2014. In May of 2018, I had the honor to be chosen to be one of the twelve board members of the association.




The main goal of Sponsorointi & Tapahtumamarkkinointi association is to increase the productiveness and know-how of sponsorship and event marketing in Finland. The association aims to help the progress of the entire industry by bringing brands, rights-holders and industry professionals together. Association cooperates closely with its Nordic fellow associations. The association was established in 2013 by six industry specialist and now consists of more than 130 member organizations. 


More information about the association can be found at their website:




In 2013, when Sponsorointi & Tapahtumamarkkinointi association was established, the first major marketing objectives were to reach the right target audience, increase the credibility of the association, acquire new members and do this with minimum costs. I was responsible for the overall operations of the association. The job was demanding and at the same time very rewarding. In one year I met many professionals from the field and was able to make great connections with them. 


The first year strategy was to combine Social Media Marketing, Relationship Marketing & Event Marketing to achieve the primary objectives. I handled the following channels in my everyday tasks to achieve the goals:

  • Social media channels

  • Official Website & Blog

  • E-mail marketing

  • 6 Events


The results after the first year were impressive in my opinion. In September 2013 the association was established and in May 2014 the following goals were achieved:

  • After the first year over 40 member organizations

  • Association's first event, Foorumi, was sold out in two days and gathered 240 marketing professionals




In May 2018 I was chosen as a board member of the Sponsorointi & Tapahtumamarkkinointi association. My main goal as a board member is to help the association to reach its goals to increase the productiveness and know-how of sponsorship and event marketing in Finland.

To have been chosen for this position is a huge honour for me. 




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