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Haaga-Helia (UAS) offers students a versatile choice of studies, great opportunities for specialisation, high-quality education in Finnish and English, and wide business networks even during the studies. Our approximately 10 500 students and almost 700 employees base their activities on highly advanced national and international expertise.




I had just turned 20 when I decided to apply to BBA studies. I had no idea what I wanted to become but I knew I wanted to study in English so I could work internationally in the future. I was accepted to Haaga-Helia and it was an excellent choice for me, as my class consisted of students from 19 different nationalities. Studies were interesting and group work taught me the skills needed to be an effective part of a team.


The core of the BBA studies is learning towards value creating, project team managing, networking and applying sustainable business principles in international contexts. I specialized in Customer Relationship Management and Communication and studied the following subjects:

  • Global CRM & Communication

  • B2B Selling and Sales

  • Creative & Corporate Marketing

  • Innovation Management

  • Applied Marketing Research

  • Management in Global Markets

I conducted my thesis research for Finnish Grocery Retail Company S-Ryhmä about their online grocery shop. I investigated the web-usability and customer experience of the online store. The thesis can be found from the links on the right side of the site. 

In Haaga-Helia we had the chance to apply to exchange during the second year of our studies. I applied to England and was accepted.




I spend two semesters (a full year) in 2011-2012 in exchange in England and studied at Southampton Solent University.




Solent is a modern and dynamic university providing inclusive, high-quality education to students from across the globe. The university has over a hundred and fifty years of history behind it and it provides multiple degree programmes.




I started specializing in Marketing and Communication during my studies in Solent. Challenging and interesting courses pushed me to learn a lot. I took courses from marketing but also ended up on a Contract Law course with actual law students. I was able to pass all my courses with good grades.


I think my slightly Brittish accent is a souvenir from my time in Solent. :)


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